Frequently Asked Questions

The Booking

You are welcome to contact us by phone during our normal business hours. Our telephone consultant will take your booking enquiry in German, English or Spanish. You can also use a booking form, available on our website. Email enquiries are of course also possible and can be forwarded to us outside of business hours. These will be handled during our business hours and, sporadically, outside of business hours.
On completion of the date, your telephone number and email address will be deleted, we do not store any customer data.

Please do not send enquiries via SMS or call with suppressed number.

Ideally you should make a booking enquiry with a few days lead time. In line with the motto: the sooner the better. This will ensure that the person you have chosen will have time for you. If you require an escort for several days, a longer lead time is required of course. However, we also welcome spontaneous last –minute enquiries and will do all we can to ensure you enjoy an unforgettable date.


You can rely on us to ensure 100 % discretion and safeguarding of your identity and personal data. Anything that happens at Carina’s Secrets stays at Carina’s Secret. Our ladies are obliged to maintain absolute secrecy and discretion. Your telephone number and email address are deleted immediately after the date has ended. We also request you handle personal information about our ladies discretely and confidentially.


The photographs of our ladies are authentic, they have been processed as little as possible and only when necessary. Any scars, tattoos or piercings by which the ladies can be identified are of course eliminated at their request. The ladies are photographed in their own clothing and lingerie and their own hairstyle to ensure you meet the same lady shown on the Sedcard.

Meeting places

To provide a pleasant and sensual atmosphere we request you meet our ladies in a top quality hotel. On account of trade fairs, it may sometimes be difficult to ensure the best category.

Please remember that some cities in Germany have a so-called restricted area where any form of prostitution is forbidden, and unfortunately this also applies to hotel visits. In such areas, only dinner dates without any erotic activities are allowed. Our team at Carina’s Secret will of course help you find an appropriate hotel outside such a restricted area, if required. Please refer to our hotel recommendations in the category ‘Cities’, where we have prepared a small selection of appropriate hotels.

Our ladies will also visit you at home, provided you are a regular client of ours (at least 3 hotel bookings) and your residential area and home provide an inviting atmosphere.

Carina’s Secret does not have apartments of its own.

Special Wishes

Please feel free to specify any personal wishes you may have. Whether it is a special hairstyle or clothing wish which can be handled by the respective lady. We will take down your wishes and pass them on to the lady.

Special wishes also include the reason for the date itself; whether it’s a couple escort, dinner, alibi date, travel escort, two ladies or a visit to the theatre, our ladies look good everywhere.

We wish to emphasize that our Escort ladies are not available for any sadomasochistic activities.


Fees are not negotiable and can be seen in the Fee list in the section ‘Fee‘.

If you have booked a date for several hours in a hotel, please hand the amount in cash and Euros in a discrete open envelope to the lady. Let her count the money and allow her to confirm to us that everything is OK and the date is now starting.

A prepayment or down payment is only requested in case of bookings with a long lead time or travel costs. You can settle such amounts via bank transfer. We can provide you with a neutral invoice on which the name, Carina’s Secret, does not appear and which does not suggest anything about the services of our company.
If a pre-payment has been transferred to Carina’s Secret, please hand over the remaining amount to the lady in cash in an envelope, as described above.

If something unexpected happens and you are not able to keep the date, please inform us as quickly as possible. Your requested lady has organized her time for the date with you. If a travel escort has to be cancelled, Carina’s secret cannot reimburse the travel expenses. Carina’s Secret will write you a credit note for the amount you have already paid for the Escort lady. You have the opportunity of agreeing on a new date within 5 weeks. If you cannot find time for the date, your down payment is forfeited and will not be reimbursed.

The Date

Your Escort lady is looking forward to her date with you. She will prepare exclusively for your wishes, will be excellently dressed and look stylish. In return she expects you to be dressed appropriately and to extend her a friendly welcome as well.

If the original duration of the date is too short for you, you can of course extend your date at any time. Talks to your lady about the timeframe and allow her to inform the agency of any changes.

You are sure to have interesting conversations and enjoy special moments together. Try to avoid issues or questions which appear unpleasant for your escort. These might include, for example, too personal questions concerning her private life, details about previous Escort dates, her personal data or contact data.
However, if private contact data is exchanged Carina’s Secret accepts no liability for any consequential indiscretions.

Discontinuing an ongoing date

If you are in a situation where you realize that the chemistry between yourself and the Escort lady just isn’t right, it is possible to end the date within the first 10 minutes. Please be friendly and polite when parting.
The fee does not have to be paid, except for respective travel expenses.

If you have booked the lady in your home town, no travel expenses will be included. However, as a gentleman, it would be appropriate if you were to reimburse her for her travel expenses. If you book outside the home town of the Escort lady, complete reimbursement of the travel expenses is due (these are listed in the table ‘Travel Expenses’ in the section ‘Fee’)

After the date

We hope you have a wonderful date with your Escort lady. After the date, please feel free to contact us with any positive feedback. And, of course, we also welcome constructive criticism. This will enable us to continuously improve our services.