Carina’s Secret introduces itself

Carina’s Secret Escort introduces itself

Carina’s Secret Escort is a highly competent and highly customer-oriented team.We look after you in all your concerns.Our ladies on the phone will taking their time for your customers and try to realize every wish. Our motto is: “only a satisfied customer of today, is our customer of tomorrow.” With us there is no time pressure and you will not be swept off. The customer service and customer orientation are very important to us.

You can also contact us by E-Mail.
We try to answer every E-Mail as quickly as possible so that even short-term booking requests pose not a problem.
However with the spontaneous bookings a telephone call always is the better choice.

The strength of Carina’s Secret is the individual counseling

We would also be pleased to advise you on the characteristics of our ladies who might be best suited to your planned events.
For example, if you are booking a cruise and looking for a sensual and erotic accompaniment, our personal advice comes into play. After all, you want to make sure whether your chosen one is absolutely seaworthy, not that the holiday will be a disaster for both.

Since we are in close contact with our escort ladies, we know the individual characters and preferences. We at marina’s Secret Escort would like to offer you and our ladies an unforgettable time. You can, of course, go on a trip with your chosen one, be it business or private. We ensure that our ladies are cultured and eloquent, so that she safely poise in every situation.

We also pay heed that our companions are not “professionals”, but the normal, nice girl next door.

We are of the opinion that naturalness and spontaneity are very important. Each date should be unique and authentic. We do not want you to be “lovelessly” treated according to a rehearsed program, but rather have the feeling of having a real date with a real, natural and sensitive young lady.

This is only possible if our exquisite escorts live a completely normal life and operate the VIP escort service as a secret adventure. That is why we are always looking for open-hearted, affectionate, eloquent and enthusiastic friends of the night to give you a perfect and unforgettable date.